Sunday, April 25, 2010


Every since CPea was born, we wanted to baptize her. It seemed like a lovely ritual to share with loved ones and a new baby. But, along with my plan to make homemade baby food, decisions were put off for so long we ended up with a second baby that we also wanted to baptize.

So fast forward to Easter weekend this year. We found a great way to baptize the children just the way we wanted to, Huntington Beach style, complete with wetsuits. It was a happy celebration for all of us and Scott and I loved the opportunity to share our love for our beautiful daughters aloud.

CPea, post baptism. It was cold in the water but she really enjoyed it!

Scott and the girls in Huntington Harbor, and yes, those are pastors in those wetsuits!

LilPea got her nails done for the event. Its no long white christening gown, but she loved it. There's not much we won't do to see our babies smile.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Performance Art

Well, Hi! Its been a while, but better late than never I think. Its been a busy winter for us, and I use the word winter lightly, but you know-it did rain here a few times and closed some things down so we'll call that a weather disaster.

In the meantime, we've kept ourselves busy with activities. Scott's triathalon training continues, he really loves it. We spent Valentine's Day weekend in Palm Springs where he did the Tour de Palm Springs. It was 50 miles or so. The sweetpeas and I cheered him at the end and spent the rest of the time by the pool with drinks. My favorite kind of getaway.

CPea and LilPea celebrated many days of Valentines of course between home, school, and neighborhood activities. Any holiday where candy is a focal points tends to be big with LilPea especially.

CPea at our neighbor's birthday party. A step and repeat may seem excessive to some but when you are five, a red carpet and mamaratazzi is really the bee's knees.
CPea and I are starting to go on a few 'big girl' dates together. We don't really get to spend too much time just the two of us so when I can, I love to have time with just her. She's growing up so fast, I want to be sure to take note of these times in between driving around to all our activities. This is her at the park with her class bear she had for the weekend.

LilPea hasn't met a spotlight she didn't like. And when you don't have an acutal stage, she just makes one of her own. I believe this was part of her performance of the Chipmunks Squeakquel soundtrack. 'All the Single Ladies' remains her favorite song, with 'Bringing home my Baby Bumblebee' a very close second.

Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year, New Pics.

Happy New Year to All! Closing out the new year with a few pics from the holiday season.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Fright Night

Oh how we love fall in California...sunscreen, shorts, running through the sprinklers...seriously. It is so hot here, I don't know how one can have a credible fall party. If we bobbed for apples the kids would get their swimsuits on. But you do what you can-in our case we threw a mashed potato martini halloween party with a bunch of our neighbors. CPea declared this was the year of the Tooth Fairy, since she's lost three teeth, I think she had teeth on the brain. At any rate, it called for some of my much mocked crafting skills to create her costume. It may interest you to know as well that the Tooth Fairy traditionally wears purple-according to CPea.
LilPea was a Buzz Buzz Bumblebee. She took great delight in wishing all a Happy Halloween, I think she can sense candy even when its behind closed doors.

LilPea's preschool had a trunk or treat party. Parents decorated their car trunks and passed out treats.

The Bumblebee shoes.

The kids trying to convince the adults to put down their drinks and go out trick or treating already-to go cups to the rescue!

Who could resist?

CPea's Preppie K class got to parade around the school

CPea's class...yes my child is almost as tall as the teacher.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy halloween!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sweetpea Summer Fun

This end of summer feels like an uphill sprint to me these days. We are leaving for DC on Sunday so its been a whirlwind of preparing for back to school when we return and planning and packing for our trip and Amy's wedding.

Still, we managed some summer fun. We went up to Ventura to see Scott compete in the Strawberry Hills Triathalon. This is us in a peddle car.
Both girls went to Vacation Bible School which they really enjoyed.
CPea lost her second (!) tooth.

And LilPea is obsessed with pulling people in the wagon. It rarely gets very far.

And as LilPea gets older, she is getting to be more and more girly. She likes to travel with a purse.

I'll get LilPea's birthday pictures up when we return!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Camping we will go....

Being the military family that we are, we move around. Scott and I do our best to try new adventures in our new enviroment. Here in Huntington Beach, we have a lovely state park with a campground. Even though its a mile from our house, for the 4th of July, we rented an RV and got a camping spot right next to our friends to help our new town celebrate their bicentennial.

Little did we know that the HB parade is the biggest 4th of July parade west of the Mississippi. Because of that, my neighbor and I woke up very early on the 3rd of July to stake out the perfect parade viewing spot.
CPea and LilPea and their friend Macy, all in matching dresses to watch the parade.

The edgier side to 4th of July...
Ahhhhh s'mores, the world's most perfect food!

Lauren, demostrating the greatness of the "princess bed!"

Very happy, very dirty campers!

We also were lucky enough to have the wandering seals wander our way while we were camping. Unfortunately, we were all a little out of sorts having arrived at camping late the night before, but we loved our visit with the seal pups!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A Tisket, A Tasket

CPea's first ballet recital was last week. The Tales of Mother Goose, and her class performed to 'A Tisket, A Tasket.' Needless to say, it was a big production, and that was just in our house. LilPea got her chance to be center stage before the show began. How darling are these costumes? All of the dancers had to have their hair in a 'ballet bun' and wear make up.

A good luck kiss from Daddy who was first in line and got us front row seats!

Since we left that night for our camping trip, we opted for a stuffy instead of flowers for our beautiful girl.

CPea's ballet class.
The diva emerges

I am just so proud of her in her first performance!